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Here's a quick listing of upcoming Microsoft Office classes for you. Detail information is below or click for additional information and to register for an upcoming course. Thanks and coming in September Windows 7 and Office 2010!

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"Creech makes the material come to life." - Samantha Bucknor, Office Manager.

Greg -The new CEO of Microsoft?!! Ha!

Greg the new Microsoft CEO?!!

Business Management Series
Microsoft Office Presentations and Workshops

Make an investment in yourself and your organization, contact me for more information on your custom training needs. These classes and workshops are available for you at your location.  I have ongoing regular seasonal classes for the Microsoft Office Suite, too. Click a Topic below for additional information: 

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Excelling @ Excel for the Human Resources, Administrative, and Operations Team.

Get ready to enhance your Excel skills and HR, Administrative, and Operations productivity in this one day class. I designed this Excel class for Human Resources and Operations teams and current users of Excel who want to know more about HR and Admin analysis, tracking, and data manipulation in Excel. Participants will learn important ways of sorting, filtering, and analyzing HR and Admin data using Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, and Functions. Clients will learn functions including VLOOKUP, CONCATENATE, If. . . Then, and date calculations including age and service. Note: This is a combination intermediate/advance class, so experience in Excel is Required.

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Power Presentations with PowerPoint

This class enhances your presentation and PowerPoint skills in one class. You will spend the day creating and developing a PowerPoint presentation with the bells and whistles and practice your presentations skills, too. You will learn important tips in delivering presentations and do's and don'ts of working with PowerPoint in front of an audience of one or a thousand people. Note: This is a combination soft and technical skills class, so basic experience in PowerPoint is required.

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Lookout! It’s Outlook!

Learn client, contact, and time management in using Outlook. Designed for current users of an email/contact system, Outlook or Outlook Express, you will learn how to work with Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, and E-Mail and how to increase productivity through creating appointments, contacts, and tasks from an email. You will learn how to organize ten to a thousand contacts, emails, and appointments through categories, colors, grouping/arranging, and quickly changing your view. We'll detail how Outlook works with other Office applications and how to create and edit rules. Make Outlook lookout for you and your productivity!

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Word for Writers

This is a one day intermediate/advance course in creating powerful documents using Word's Table of Contents, Indexes, Tables, Tracking and Reviewing, Forms, and Headers/Footers. We will use Word's Mail Merge feature for a form letter and for labels and we will create custom styles, watermarks, and cover pages. If you are a technical, creative, or other type of writer this class is for you in learning Word's powerful features. You should be comfortable with using Word's basic formatting features, printing, inserting Clip Art/photos, and saving.

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Office 2007:New Features, More Productivity, and Less Frustration

Office 2007 creates a new interface and different way of working in the Office Suite. We will learn some of the new features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint/Outlook.  We will learn how navigate the new interface, customize the Quick Access Toolbar, and new features, such as Live Preview, Themes, SmartArt, and new Photography formatting features. This class helps teams to continue and increase productivity during conversion from previous Office applications. We will learn Excel's new sorting and filtering panes and Word's styles. The full day class will include PowerPoint or Outlook with Excel and Word. Increase productivity and enjoy the new Microsoft Office Interface. Note: Previous experience in the Office Suite Required (at least one year.)

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PowerPoint Power!

You've got the Power and PowerPoint power helps you deliver the message. The Power of PowerPoint concentrates on the power of your presentation style and on designing presentations and tailoring them to your audience. Introductory areas include design tips and tricks, editing slides, creating basic slides with bullets and Clip Art. The advanced areas include Slide Master, Custom Animation, custom templates, and Multimedia, including movies, music, and magic. Learn how to brand your organization and use PowerPoint has a powerfulmarketing peapl. You'll see why PowerPoint Power! isn't just for sales people and trainers anymore. 

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My Word, Your Word, My God It’s Word!

Experience the features of using Microsoft Word, including the efficiencies and productive tools of AutoCorrect, Formatting Styles and Headings. We will examine WordArt, tables, macros, and mail merge. We will learn to set margins, tabs, and headers and footers. After this class you will know the many time saving features and how to customize your Word docuemnts for your organization . You’ll learn how Word processes more than words.

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Accessing the Possibilities

Master Microsoft’s Access with humor and experience as you work with tables, queries, forms, and reports. Learn how to build relational databases and the benefits and potential pitfalls of relational database design and implementation. We will explore the concepts of databases and use actual business applications as you learn. Access your future by Accessing the Possibilities.

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Excelling at Excel

Learn the 5 Fs of Excel – Formatting, Fills, Formulas, Functions, and Filters/Sorts. Introductory material includes formatting, basic formulas and functions as you create your own budget and expense spreadsheets. Advanced topics include charts, basic macros, pivot tables, subtotals, and outline. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have a fully functional monthly and annual budget tracking workbook. A most "Excel-lent" way to learn spreadsheets. One to three day series of classes available.

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Office, Suite, Office

This is an introductory and intermediate course offering insight into each of the major Office products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You will learn how to copy and paste items, use formatting icons, and when to use and share each application. We will edit and format a Word Document, build an Excel Workbook, create a PowerPoint Presentation, and overview Outlook. The Office – How Suite it is!

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Troubleshoot your PC before you PC trouble shoots you!

A humorous way to learn the guts of a computer and how to properly maintain your system. Know how to make informed decisions and when to call for help. Learn where and how problems occur and how to fix them. This course is a time, financial, and energy saver. Please bring your data geek hat and pocket protector.

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Databases: What A Concept!

Introductory course for Database Management Systems (DBMS). Concepts of Database designs and purpose will be covered in detailed. Tables, queries, form, and reports are explored in detail. We will use Access as our DBMS example and "real world" applications. This course is designed for those interested in learning Access or other types of relational databases or need to make informed decisions about databases and management.

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Why These Courses?

Relevance and Retention

"Just thought I'd let you know that what you said about every show being a new show - different people have purchased a ticket - helps me a lot as I teach DUI classes 4 or 5 weekends in a reminds me to start fresh with every class and has really made a difference.  I hadn't looked at it that way.  So your gift has been passed on to many! By the way, I've forgotten about everything I learned on doing web pages (a different instructor), but I remember a lot about PowerPoint that you taught me!  You're doing something right!!! - Dr. Colleen Carter-Lunceford

Increase application and attention/retention. Learn the Office® Suite like never before. Through my experience and many positions I can relate the material to your position and how the Office product fits. Because of my style and humor, I appeal to many learning types and help you stay awake in class and remember the material after class.

Functionality and Flexibility

Application! Application! Application! Unlike traditional introductory through advanced levels of learning, my Office courses are based on experience and using the products functionally. Functional education and relevance to career positions increases attention and retention rates dramatically and my enthusiastic style complements the strong content. Your organization will be able to accomplish tasks and functions without suffering (too much) stress and perform "advanced" operations with ease.  These courses increase productivity and decreases fear of hitting the wrong button.  The suite of Office offerings cover a wide range of topics, appeals to a wide range of skill sets, and contatins every level from introduction/basic through advanced/expert.

I am flexible in the scheduling of classes and offer half day, full day classes, and lunch and learn sessions. We will design a custom fit for your organization. Some courses are offered at Emory University's Center for Lifelong Learning, Georgia Center for Nonprofits, other colleges, and organizations.

Resources and Materials

"The materials are so user friendly that the course is a long term investment. Really appreciate Greg's dedication to teaching and "people skills"." - Martha Conkling

Practice files and manuals I have customized my own training classes and materials. I provide sample files to use during and after class. I am available to answer follow-up questions and provide advice. I designed these books based on customer feedback and my corporate and small business experience in using the products. The book's step-by-step method and detail descrotions with lots of pictures make the book popular for a wide variety of people and learning types.

Why Greg Creech?


"Made Excel Interesting and didn't make me feel like a moron!!" - Melinda Long

Experience and a sense of humor are great teachers. I have over 25 years experience in Word and 20 years in Excel Each one of these areas is covered in detail below. 


I am Microsoft certified as a Master Educator and have completed all of the Office 97 and Office 2007 certifications. With the completion of the exams, I received the designation of Microsoft Office User Specialist Expert and Microsoft Certified Application Specialist - Instructor. I achieved A+ Certification, the industry standard for PC Systems Technicians. I am a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer +.   I provide training, application development,  and consultation services to many industries and clients.  


"Very patient, I never felt stupid for asking questions! Made Excel fun! I don't know how he did it!" - Nancy Zant

Enjoy my Showimars as I make the material come to life!I enjoy and have a passion for technology education, in particular the Office Suite. When I train it is a combination of humor and application learning - I call it Flurning (Fun and Learning).   This has led to my being awarded the 2007 Faculty Award by The University Continuing Education Association's Southern Region and the 2009 Faculty Award by The Association of Continuing Higher Education's Southern Region. I have been the top IT Instructor at Emory University's Center for Lifelong Learning for three consecutive years - 2004 through 2006.

I customze all presentations to fit your specific needs and desires to enhance your knowledge and to realize a more productive business.

 Greg Creech © 2010

Office 2007, 2003, XP and Office 2000, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, and Access are register trademarks and products of Microsoft Corp.  Greg is a certified Microsoft Cerfied Application Specialist - Instructor, Microsoft Office User Specialist - Expert and Microsoft Master Educator.