That's Entertainment!

I offer comedy/humor and musical performances using material from my presenations and speeches. The musical and humor programs are perfect for lunch or dinner entertainment for your next meeting or event. I also offer solo piano performances for fundraising events and as background music for receptions and happy-hour functions. Thank you.

Please click here to view some of my humorous video clips at the Movies, Music, More section of this website.

The Administrative Musical Comedy Show

HR, Operations, and Administrative Professionals: Laugh and Rejoice! This stand-up comedy and musical variety show is a hit with Human Resources, Operations, and Administrative professionals of all types. My 17 years of experience in the Administrative arena in corporate america and 12 years on my own have prepared me well for knowing and needing humor in the workplace, particulary in the sales and marketing division. This performace concentrates on the acronym PAL (Patience, Aptitude, and Laughter). Through funny stories and music I use my experiences in administration and education to demonstrate the importance of patience, aptitude, and laughter in your HR and Operations career. We look at the need for certification and continuing education and how to laugh at yourself and enjoy comedy in your work and life.

Technology Bytes and It Bit My Funny Bone

A Stand-up comedy show for the Geeks and Geekettes! A humorous, musical, and stand-up comedy show for all technologists. I start out with a motivating, technology song parody, such as Joy to My PC or Data Man and end-up with Linux and Lucy. I will entertain you with comedy characters, such as Danny Dater—Danny who will take your IT folks through the process of troubleshooting your computers before your computer trouble shoots you. Danny Dater performs technological routines and musical parodies to bring out the humorous geek in all of us. Get ready for Technology Bytes and it will “byte” your funny bone.

Gifts That Don’t Need A Battery Pack!

Holiday Recognition and Entertainment A holiday presentation for all organizations that uses humorous holiday stories and music parodies to teach about the importance of time, a good attitude, humor, neighbors, and knowledge. This is a great way to recognize your associates as the year winds down at a luncheon, dinner, party, or other business holiday event. The presentation can follow a dinner and the event can be mixed with piano holiday tunes and humor. We can customize the material to include your end of year recognition programs.  Learn to give the gifts in your life and career that don’t require batteries nor a credit card number and have lasting value. A Great way to greet the Season and New Year.

I customize all performances to fit your needs and the audience laughter and enjoyment.