Goofy Greg

Technology Humor and Entertainment

"When we would refer to something you said during your presentation or entertainment session, it lighted the board room up with board members laughing, taking some of the tension out of the room. He shines at what he does - great pianist."
- Joyce Burkard, Executive Director - Independent Computer Consultants Association.


Technology Bytes and It Bit My Funny Bone

A Stand-up comedy show for the Geeks and Geekettes! A humorous, musical, and stand-up comedy show for all technologists. I start out with a motivating, technology song parody, such as Joy to My PC or Data Man and end-up with Linux and Lucy. I will entertain you with comedy characters, such as Danny Dater—Danny will take your IT folks through the process of troubleshooting your computers before your computer trouble shoots you. I will perform technological routines and musical parodies. I will customize the material for your event and organization. Get ready for Technology Bytes and it will “byte” your funny bone.

Danny Data demonstrates how to use the gripper-picker-upper tool from his Geek Toolkit.

Komputing with Kids

I offer a Komputing with Kids program to help our youth succeed into the next generation.  I use a comedy character named Danny Data (complete with pocket protector and propeller beanie).  I give computer sessions to youth groups in order to entertain and to inform, such as the Girl Scouts.   The Komputing with Kids offers Keyboarding instructions, equipment explanations, and practical use of the Office products.  Maybe you are a Big Kid that could  use these classes, too.